Web Articles

Using FTP
How to use FTP, a method of sending files to and from web servers.

Splitting Large Files for Uploading
How to use UNIX's cat and split commands to split large files for uploading, and then recombine them.

Photography Articles

HDR Panoramas [PDF 6.6 MB]
How to shoot and composite High Dynamic Range panoramas, one of the latest and greatest techniques in digital photography.

Extreme Conditions [PDF 6.0 MB]
Depending on what you define as ‘adventure’, you’ve probably had opportunities for a few shots that you just couldn’t take. Maybe the rain was pouring down, or maybe the cold had already sapped your camera of its batteries. If you think the camera would be better off at home in situations like this, think again. Many of these problems can be avoided with the proper gear and planning.

Video Articles

Logging Tape using a Spreadsheet Program
How to speed up your postproduction process by taking tape logs straight from Excel into Final Cut Pro.

Handling Footage at 24 Frames per Second
How to correctly import and edit footage shot with 2:3:3:2 pulldown (advanced 24p) in Final Cut Pro.

Calculator Tutorials

BASIC for the Ti-83+ and Ti-84+
A tutorial on programming in BASIC for the Ti-83+, Ti-83+ SE, Ti-84+, and Ti-84+ SE. Includes intro to programming, graphics, file handling, and more.

Assembly for the Ti-83+ and Ti-84+
An in-progress tutorial covering an introduction to assembly and application programming for the Ti-83 and 84.

Pictures on the Ti-83+ and Ti-84+
Due to a large amount of requests, I put together a small tutorial on drawing and saving pictures.