Ti-83 and Ti-84 Assembly Programming
Getting Started
     1.1: About This Tutorial
     1.2: About TI-ASM
     1.3: Writing Your First Program
     1.4: Compiling
     1.5: Debugging
ASM Basics
     2.1: Calls and Jumps
     2.2: Registers
     2.3: Displaying Text
System Controls and Calls
     3.1: Data
     3.2: Register Stack
     3.3: If Statements (Comparing)
     3.4: GetKey and GetCSC
     3.5: System Flags
     3.6: Menus
     3.7: Displaying Pictures
     3.8: For Loops (djnz)
     3.9: White Loops
     3.10: OP Registers
     4.1: Apps vs ASM
     4.5: KeyHooks
About This Tutorial

This tutorial is meant to teach assembly for the Ti-83 Plus, Ti-83 Plus Silver Edition, and more recently, the Ti-84 series of calculators. There are variations in the language between different calculators, but once you learn the language for one it's much easier to learn for others, because the concepts are essentially the same. Although this tutorial was intended for the Ti-83 Plus, the commands are identical for the newer Ti-84 line.

It is recommended that you know Ti-BASIC before attempting to learn ASM. This tutorial will use some programming concepts, so it's recommended that you know a little bit about programming in general. For more info on a command, click on it.

I've heard people say that there's no good tutorial for assembly for the 83 Plus. So it's my mission to create a good tutorial for this. If you have any suggestions, comments, etc. please feel free to E-mail them to support[at]arasian.com. I will combine the concepts, features, and knowledge of ASMGuru, AppGuru, various other tutorials, and other assembly programmers in this tutorial.

Thank you for using my tutorial, and I hope you learn something!
Creative Commons License
The text in this tutorial is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.