Programming for the Ti-83, 83+, and 83+SE
Programming in Ti-BASIC
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Chapter 1: The Basics
Section 1.1Getting Started
Section 1.2The "Disp" command
Section 1.3The "Input" command
Section 1.4Strings
Section 1.5If-Then statements
Section 1.6"While" Loops
Section 1.7The "Getkey" Command
Chapter 2: Creating Menus
Section 2.1Lbl and Goto Commands
Section 2.2The "Menu" Command
Chapter 3: Graphics
Section 3.1Setting up for drawing
Section 3.2Graphing
Section 3.3Graph-Coordinates Drawing
Section 3.4Screen-Coordinates drawing and text
Section 3.5Pictures
Section 3.6"Input" revisited
Section 3.7Advanced Menus
Section 3.8Dynamic Menus
Section 3.9Dialog Boxes
Chapter 4: Misc.
Section 4.1Memory Managment and Linking
Section 4.2Creating Lists, RAM files, and Saved Files/Games
Section 4.3Using with Mirage OS and Omnicalc
Section 4.4Extra Tips and hints