The Vortex -- Ti-83+ Drawing and Saving Pictures
Drawing and Saving pictures on Ti-83, Ti-83+, and Ti-83+SE
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Step 1: Setting up for drawing
To set up for drawing, you will need to do a few things. First, make sure you do not have any equations on the graph. To check, press [Y=] and clear all the equations. Second, you will need to turn off the axes if you do not want them. Do this by pressing [2ND] [Format] and choose AxesOff. Press [GRAPH] to go to the graph screen. You're ready to draw!
Step 2: Drawing
To draw, press [2ND] [DRAW], and it presents you with a list of drawing options. You can draw lines, circles, or just use a pen. As a warning: if you enter an equation, turn the axes back on, or change your window size, it will clear your drawing.
Step 3: Saving Your Pictures
Your calculator can store 10 pictures (Pic1-Pic0). To store a picture, after you've made it, go to the homescreen. Press [DRAW] {Right Arrow} {Right Arrow}. Then go to StorePic. Press enter, then at the homescreen, enter the number you want the pic to be stored as such as StorePic 1. To recall the pic, follow the same steps, except select RecallPic.